Sunday, September 28, 2008

New online game - Booze Tycoon

booze tycoon
Booze Tycoon is a brand new web game that grants you the opportunity to transform a basic backyard moonshine still into a powerful business empire of booze! You start at the bottom and build your way up buying better burners, factories, nightclubs, coalmines and everything else you need to become a true business man.
Apart from handling deliveries and expanding with new buildings you compete against other players ingame and can challenge them in fights or team up with them. A cool feature is that you are able to create a gang with your friends and have your own chat channel, you can also challenge other gangs in fight. The game has just released its english version and there are already alot of new languages and cool functions in development. You really need to check this game out, did I mention it was free?

By : MMORPG X - Ggot
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