Monday, May 26, 2008

Advantages of a 2d Mmorpg Over a 3d Mmorpg

With the market being saturated with games requiring cutting edge technology platforms and connections such as World of Warcraft, City of Heroes, Tabula Rasa, Warhammer, and Age of Conan, is there really a point to playing a 2d game? Even though the obvious answer may appear to be no, the real answer is an emphatic yes!

One of the main reasons people choose 2d mmorpgs over their 3d counterparts is because of system requirements and capabilities. To currently run World Of Warcraft one needs a pretty updated computer, not to mention graphics card; in comparison most 2d mmo news's don't have strict minimum requirements and can be played by the masses, including countries that are just getting into the technology era. This is important as it allows users from all over to join in and get a true sense of community vs a game where it can only be played by the 'well-off' or richer areas of the world.

Besides a less strict requirement to play and bigger available player base, 2d games can give the user a "General's" mentality when playing the game. In 3d games one is often in first person view or very close to it and they can only see from that perspective. In a 2d mmorpg news a user can see the whole screen/field and make decisions based on that. It tends to lead to a less stressful, more fullfilling experience as you see all around you.

Going back to technology, 2d games technology and artwork are pretty much mastered at this point, whereas 3d games are still evolving to become more real and less polygon like mmorpg blog. A 2d game made today can have the best 2d graphics which could either look realistic or go for a clean/crisp/bright cartoon look; The ability to make the game as intentioned is a huge plus for 2d video games and games like diablo II, starcraft II, and revamped Ultima Online prove how great 2d graphics can now look.

Another huge advantage is movement and pvp. Currently 3d pvp is awkward and less related to movement on screen as compared with button mashing, unless you're playing a FPS. 2d games are easier to maneuver for now and give the user greater control over his character/avatar. This allows for more precision attacks and movement within the virtual world; old school ultima online mmorpg news is a classic example of how an easy interface, simple graphics, and movement made it one of the greatest pvp games of all time. In contrast, DAoC was laggy, buggy, and movement was very non user friendly. Five years later in World of Warcraft it has improved dramatically but the time/spatial relations in 3d have not been mastered so pvp in that environment will never be as consistent as that of a 2d game today.

To recap:
You don't need to buy the newest hardware to play and usually can play on a dial up as well.
The member base/community is larger due to less stringent hardware/network requirements and gives a more broad sense of community. No more just playing against rich people.
The art is mastered; the 2d graphics have been pushed to their limits and allow stunning visuals for both a realistic and cartoonish look.
Playability, movement, pvp; 2d games just allow the user to run his character like a general and pinpoint his moves. 3d is still evolving and figuring out what it can and can not do.
Nostalgia...don't these great games bring back memories?

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