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Guide to Woodworking in Lord of The Rings Online

Woodworking in Lord of The Rings Online (LOTRO) is a profession with a few special areas of emphasis. It has ranged weapons, which is sometimes useful, and it has instruments, in addition to some melee weapons. Instruments are probably the most important part of the woodworking profession.

Why not ranged weapons? Because often better ranged weapons are available to hunters from their class quests. At level 30, hunters gain a bow that is (counting it's damage type) better than tier 4 bows because it does Westernesse damage.

Melee weapons are a valid part of woodworking, and some of the weapons you can acquire are interesting, especially spears (since they tend to do damage over time) but they are not particularly good compared to weaponsmith weapons. Metal weapons tend to be "flashier", and are sometimes slightly better. Woodworking weapons do have staves, one of the major weapons of the loremaster, but again, loremasters can get better long term weapons in the quests of the Great Barrows (in Bree-land) and then in the loremaster quest.

Instruments, however, are always good for minstrels. They reduce costs for minstrels, it is always important for minstrels to worry about power availability, and this is the only way for a minstrel to control costs or gain similar benefits.
Woodworking Basics
Woodworking is done fairly easily. First and foremost, you need treated wood. For almost all the woodworker recipes, in general, you are going to need weaponsmith components or ingots from the prospector profession. While wood is not as expensive as the same tier ore and ingot in LOTRO, it isn't cheap, and you will not be able to purchase your wood if you wish to be able to break even or make a profit with woodworking.

Stand near a workbench, simply make sure to have all the items listed in your recipe in your inventory (they will be highlighted if you do, grayed out if you don't), and have a woodworking saw near you. Then just click make and you will make one of your items. There are quite a few recipes you will need to find,

Collecting RowanKeeping yourself stocked with wood is not always easy. The wisest choice to make sure you have enough wood is to have a character with the explorer vocation, who then stockpiles treated wood, ingots, and earns money for components by using sold ore. Once prepared for woodworking, make a second character who is your woodworker. That takes a lot of effort to do, but often is worth it. Even more value is added if you also have other characters who use the ore for their professions, such as jewelers or metalsmiths. To keep you stocked, you also can make a woodsman vocation character, create boiled leather from skins (and sell those) and then prepare your own wood, buying components with your skin profits. Leather and skins are always needed, and the money can pay for those pesky components.

Once you have prepared your treated wood from a forester professional, you need to decide what you wish to make. Almost always, you are going to find you don't need all the things you make. Which means selling your products.
Selling Your Products
An approach to improving your woodworking ability is the "long way" (which earns you money) by making items people need. A level 10 quest includes prepared rowan bowstaves (auction them in groups of 3). These take a while, but will get you some money as people buy these for the auction house. You also can make some money off basic bows for hunters, but usually this isn't overly profitable.

For tiers 2 and 3, you will want to make instruments, and you won't want to make a special effort to make critical items, these items do not provide enough of a difference to be worth it unless it is for your own use. For tier 3, consider making crossbows, some classes gain access to ranged weapons (though not a primary ability) and a lot of guardians and similar will want shiny new crossbows to use. Crossbows often do better than regular bows, because these are "shoot once and then enter melee" type attacks, meant for pulling opponents rather than drawn out damage (such as with hunters).

The short way to raise your woodworking ability is to simply pick the lowest component item and make a lot of them, selling them when you can, but basically just doing the best you can on simplicity. In the higher tiers, ranged weapons and instruments are the way to go to keep your woodworking profitable.
Woodworking Rules
Items you can makeOne rule of thumb for woodworking: never throw away wood, the only time you should walk past a node of wood is if you are in a party and in a rush, or if it would be rude to take it. Never throw away crit items. The crit items for woodworkers are particularly rare, and you should always bank those items when they are available. For woodworking, you need 3 treated rowan, on average, to make a tier 1 item. You need 10 treated black ash to make a tier 5 item, so make sure to collect your wood!
Woodworking Overall
Overall, woodworking is a simply somewhat easy profession, but this goes hand in hand with less profitable sales, and perhaps a less broad area of products than in other professions. You definitely can make a profit using woodworking. It is a good profession for a hunter or minstrel (because of the instruments, spears and bows). You will want to consider having a way to gain treated wood before making a woodworker.. either by having access to forester through being a woodsman, or by having an alt explorer.

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