Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Capitalist Environment of Trading in Online Games

The majority believe that making money from playing online games is ridiculous. From the lowly Chinese workshop to high-tech offices of internet entrepreneurs, virtual money has become a hot commodity. Those competing in the real-money trading industry include dedicated professionals to part-time players, big-city businesses to the bedroom entrepreneur. Employing thousands of workers across Asia is necessary to satisfy the growing demand from Western gamers.
MMORPG trading is rarely discussed by the international press and so it remains an unknown property to the majority of the world's population. Nevertheless this phenomenon exists in most MMORPG titles including World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI (FFXI), EVE Online and EverQuest 2. The most notable occurrence is in FFXI where players journey through numerous dungeons, quests and scenarios in order to acquire piles of the game's currency. Some indulge in improving their character in the game, but some decide to approach the task like a business, utilizing any means necessary to bolster their reserves of currency and sell it on for real cash.
You may ask why the developers of MMORPGs dislike and even actively deter real-money trading. Intellectual property infringement is the most commonly given reason for objection by gaming companies, but there are also accusations of hacking, scamming and phishing within the industry. Some also accuse RMT companies of overloading games with workers, which serves to dilute the population of real gamers and negatively affect the game as a whole. Whilst some action has been taken by game developers, it has never been directly targeted at the transaction of company to customer.
The business model of real-to-virtual transactions is one that has got many investors excited and interested. There is certainly money to be made, whether it's by developers or entrepreneurs, and the market shows no sign of slowing. The construction of this virtual marketplace continues to change, and will no doubt bring further surprises in future.
Research conducted by - reatailer of FFXI Gil

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